A Damn Simple, Professional Meal & Exercise Planning Platform For Nutritionists, Trainers, Gyms, Clinics & Research Centers.


Let your clients log their food, exercise and health activities. Track their progress automatically.


Start creating meal plans using our database of foods and supplements and achieve your client's performance and health goals.


Intelligent appointment scheduling system with SMS - Email reminders and online booking.


Generate custom performance, progress and health reports for all of your clients.

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Finally you can provide professionally developed meal & exercise plans to your clients and be closer to them anytime, anywhere. By combining online meal planning, workout tracking, client management, and appointment scheduling, HealthyClub makes it possible for Nutritionists, Trainers & Health Professionals to look after their clients in a revolutionary new way!

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Features Overview

Accessible From Anywhere

You will be amazed when you realize that you can work from any convenient location you are, using any type of device, such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones!

Client Portal

We know that you want to access your client's information anytime, anywhere. Our State-of-the-art client portal manages your business faster, easier and more effective.

Professional Meal Plans

Deliver fully automated, personalized meal plans to your clients in minutes! HealthyClub comes with dozens of diet plans, out of the box.

Food Swap

Offer your clients the variety they demand. Our revolutionary system offers food interchangeability suggestions for you and your clients.

Shopping List

After you create a meal plan or choose one from our database, HealthyClub creates a weekly shopping list with the foods that your client should be buying.

Workout & Meal Tracking

Maximize the efficiency of a plan. Let your client track his activity and foods that he consumes in a daily base and maximize his health benefits.

Progress & Performance

Our system keeps track of every aspect of your client. See how your customer's performance is improved and let them know of their progress.

Private Record

Your clients will be able to track not only diet preferences and activity, but various ailments and food allergies as well.

Constant, Easy Updates

Everything is updated seamlessly and new features are added automatically without any technical knowledge. Simply create an account and leave the rest to us.

Customizable Website

Website Creation & customization made easy. Simply choose your design, customize the layout, add images and get a professional website online within minutes.

Informative Graphs

Convert your data and reports into stonishing graphs and reports and impress your clients with them.


Finding clients was never easier! HealthyClub connects you with potential clients that are in need of your services. Pay only when a client books an appointment.

Body Composition Measurements

Measure several aspects of body composition, such as body fat and lean mass. Improve the performance & health outcomes of your customers.

Nutrient Summary

HealthyClub automatically calculates the intake of calories and nutrients for every period, day and week. It also recommends you the ideal daily intake for each customer.

Nutrient Analysis

Detailed inspection of dietary intake of all nutrients. The system provides info for each food and a summary of the whole meal.

Personal Meal Database

We understand that every health professional has his own personal meal plan database. Create your own private templates and apply them on your clients.

Personal Exercise Database

Create your own exercise plans and let your customers choose. Calorie burning is calculated automatically, based on your customer's body metrics.

Allergies & Ailments

Food allergies are estimated to affect 4% of adults. Create safe meal plans based on your client's health conditions and avoid food proposals that cause them problems.

Food Preferences

Filter diet plans and foods depending on the dietary preferences of your client. Provide better meal planning and service quality faster and easier.

Ticket, SMS & Email

Automatically send tickets, SMS and emails to your clients before every appointment. Manage your time and your business effectively, with professionalism.

Notifications Manager

Easily handle any number of contact and app notifications with the Notification Manager. Everything is organized for an at-a-glance view of what's important to you.

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HealthyClub's goal is to revolutionize the way nutrition is approached, make people healthier and improve the services which are provided by healthcare and wellness professionals...

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